About Us

We offers Advance Computer Training in Basic Industrial Automation,Artificial Intelligence & Robotics, Office Automation , Web Application , Entrepreneurships , Database driven solutions with customized software at competitive prices with free training and support.

Who we Are

Divtag Automation is a Multi-Disciplinary training center for teaching College , Graduate, and Post graduate student to major in Basic Industrial Automation & Robotics, Software Development with hands on training to Build, Connect, Program and Innovate solutions. Benefits from our center include the following:

  • We accept I.T student placement
  • Software Development and support
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Deliver a high quality web design
  • Support our customers once signing a contract

Our Vision

delivering capabilities by providing end to end solutions, which are easy to maintain and upgrade. Modular Programming approach to provide innovative and easily manageable solutions, enabling customers all over the world to benefit from our services.

  • Technical Training

  • Easy Payment Option

  • Hands-On Practice

Our programs offer a proven training alternative for people who don't want to attend college on a full time or part time basis